The Buddhist Cemetery Vienna


In every age and in all cultures people have set out places to appropriately address the death of beloved people with their world view or religious orientation. With the growing numbers of Buddhists and people who feel close to the teachings of the Buddha, the ÖBR built (in 2003) a Buddhist cemetery within the area of the Vienna Central Cemetery.

A cemetery is a place of mourning, the respectful valediction, the preservation of the remembrance of the person who has passed away. This cemetery with a specific Buddhist symbol, offers itself also as a place of reflection and contemplation. The shock of a death is countered by the stability of a significant place. From a Buddhist perspective, a cemetery is also a place where the impermanence of all arising things  is brought into the awareness. Finally, there is a certain comfort for all of the relatives, and they can use the place for spiritual praxis.


The symbolism of the stupa and garden area signifies the universal laws of existence. They constitute the framework for a safekeeping of the mortal remains. The uniqueness of every human life is thereby set down in the universal context of the conditionality and impermanence of all things, a core message in the teachings of the Buddha. Connected with this is the encouragement to use life to practice compassion with all feeling beings, and to practice wisdom. Thus the cemetery should also contribute to the confidence, comfort, peace and clarity for the lives of those left behind. Further information can be found in the german pamphlet: The Buddhist Cemetery.


Acquiring a Grave

The approval of a grave or a urn wall compartment at the Buddhist cemetery is through the ÖBR. The graves and urn wall compartments are there for all Buddhists. After the grave or urn wall approval, the cemetery administration completes the processing.


Friedhöfe Wien GmbH
Simmeringer Hauptstraße 339
1110 Wien

Tel.: +43 (0)1 534 69-0


Accessibility: Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 4.30pm with tram number 6 to the station, Zentralfriedhof 2. Tor.

In regards to burial costs we ask you to directly contact the burial institutes. The extent of the burial costs is dependant on the respective wishes of the bereaved or deceased. The care of the facility (mowing, cleaning) is organised by the ÖBR. The care of the allocated graves is the responsibility of the proprietors of the grave site as designated by the cemetery administration.


Funeral Ceremonies

We offer to organise ceremonies or Buddhist speeches. Please contact our office, and you can find further information here.


Mourning Group and Mobile Hospice

The discussion and meditation group allow time and place to give expression of personal sorrow, and to find comfort together. You can obtain further information from our Mobile Hospice Team.



 Buddhistischer Friedhof


Wiener Zentralfriedhof
Tor 2, Gruppe 48A

Simmeringer Hauptstr. 234
1110 Wien


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